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Data and tools to identify, manage, and mitigate risk in a new era of global strategic competition.

Are Your Newest Competitor

In the race to innovate, it’s no longer you against your industry rivals. It’s you against some of the world’s most powerful nation-states. Governments seeking to advance the capabilities of their national champions and militaries are targeting your company’s personnel and innovation. To date, no technology has existed to enable companies to visualize, understand, and respond to this new reality. Until now.

Strider Delivers
the data and tools to act.

Strider is the world’s first technology company enabling organizations to combat intellectual property theft and supply chain vulnerabilities beyond the cyber domain. Our tools fuse proprietary data, data science, and human expertise to deliver insights that allow you to protect your people, safeguard your intellectual property, and construct a partner ecosystem built on mutual trust.

Quantum Dragon Report

Utilizing Strider’s technology platform and proprietary datasets, Quantum Dragon reveals how China leveraged foreign quantum science labs and government talent recruitment programs to advance its military quantum applications.

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After decades of analyzing nation-state activity in the commercial domain for Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies we knew the risks were on the rise. We founded Strider to help companies take back their competitive edge and safeguard their most valuable assets from adaptive adversaries.

Our team includes subject matter experts, data scientists, and software engineers each dedicated to creating a safer global ecosystem for science and technology innovation.