Risk Intelligence Platform

Shed Light on Risks,
Beyond the Cyber Domain

The Strider platform is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to identify, manage, and mitigate personnel and third-party risk outside the cyber domain. Using Strider, you are able to better protect your team and innovation, while constructing a partner ecosystem built on mutual trust.

Strider Platform

SaaS Product & Data

The Strider Platform leverages proprietary datasets to deliver a comprehensive view of your organization’s exposure to real-world nation-state actors, enabling you to combat insider threat and supply chain risk. Features include search, data visualizations, maps, timelines and case tracking, delivered through an intuitive dashboard that enables you to explore, and extract meaning from Strider-delivered data. Our platform can be deployed without the need to touch your network or data.

Gray Matter

Finished Intelligence

Strider Gray Matter provides cutting-edge, finished intelligence and research that enables you to stay ahead of nation-state competitors. Strider’s Global Intelligence Team is made up of leading experts who leverage our proprietary data to deliver actionable information. With Strider’s Gray Matter, you gain access to the library of Strider intelligence briefs and reports along with event-driven insights and unlimited RFIs to our team of subject matter experts.

Strider Shield

Threat Detection System

Strider Shield is the world’s only economic statecraft threat detection system that enables organizations to leverage our proprietary risk signal data to identify and mitigate nation-state directed talent recruitment and intellectual property theft. With Strider Shield, you’ll gain access to millions of risk signal data points, delivered via API or an encrypted file, along with secure search, and access to profiles related to each risk signal. Strider Shield also offers the option to deploy fully disconnected from Strider and operated 100% inside your company’s firewall.

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